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How could this team of brainy musical theater veterans have turned a story rooted in one of the most momentous geopolitical transformations in 20th century history — the Russian Revolution that led to the fall of the Romanov Empire and the establishment of the Soviet Union — into a glitzy, lowbrow entertainment that falls somewhere between a campy parody and an upended, Disneyesque Cinderella story?

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The heavily plotted story begins in St. Petersburg inas the Dowager Empress Joy Franzbids goodbye to her beloved 7-year-old granddaughter, Anastasia Victoria Binghambefore heading off to Paris. Flash-forward to when the teenage Anastasia Taylor Quick is flirting as she waltzes at a palace ball. In a flash, a massive explosion and fireball shatters the windows as the Bolsheviks attack the palace.

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And as the family flees, Anastasia runs to retrieve a prized music box. Though shot and presumed deadas it turns out she may very well have been the only Romanov to have survived. Fast-forward yet again, towhen a rumor that Anastasia might have survived has created an opportunity for scam artists, including Vlad Edward Staudenmayera former member of the court, and his homeless young sidekick, Dmitry Stephen Browerto find a believable imposter and win a possible financial reward from the elderly Dowager Empress who is ensconced in luxury in Paris.

When the two men come upon a young street sweeper named Anya Lila Coogana smart, strong-willed orphan who suffered amnesia in an accident years earlier, they begin to think they have found the ideal candidate, and they dream of emigrating to Paris.

Meanwhile, Anya is confronted by Gleb Jason Michael Evansa Bolshevik official who warns her about the fate of imposters who would destabilize the Soviet regime. At the same time, he is haunted by her resemblance to the Romanov line.

Coogan brings a winningly unaffected quality to Anya, and uses her strong if something less than beautiful voice to fine effect. And as Dmitry, Brower does a solid job of growing from streetwise kid to honorable young man.

And as Gleb, Evans does a credible job as a man of divided loyalties. Many of the others in the cast are caricatures rather than characters, calling to mind how Carol Burnett might have devised a comic sketch about the era. Running time is 2 hours and 35 minutes with one intermission.

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Programs Programs A-Z Playlist. Events Event Calendar.Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Research Playwrights, Librettists, Composers and Lyricists. Browse Theatre Writers. Set amidst the turmoil of the Russian revolution with the Bolshevik regime on the rise, Anya, an amnesiac orphan stranded in what was once the Russian capital, St.

Petersburg, is on a quest to rediscover her past which she believes lies in Paris. Joined by a dashing conman, Dmitry, and an ex-aristocrat, Vlad Popov, who want to use Anya to bamboozle the only remaining Romanov, Dowager Empress Marie into believing that Anya is the lost Anastasia, she escapes to Paris with a determined Soviet officer on their heels. View All Characters in Anastasia. Guide written by Cassidy McCleary. Sign up today to unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities.

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dimitri anastasia musical nederland

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Show Information.Jake wants to thank his family, friends and educators for their continued love and support.

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Proud St. UCLA Graduate. National Tours: Mrs. Janet is originally from Bemidji, MN. Something funny is happening on Instagram Anticstasia.

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Social yeshannahbanana. Louis and North Shore Music Theater. TV: The Marvelous Mrs. Brad is also a proud member of The Broadway Boys. Follow him bagreer. Christopher M. Proud AEA member. Instagram: Tut In addition, Fred has appeared across the country with various symphonies as a concert soloist and has also had the privilege of performing with Keith Lockhart and The BSO for several summers in the Hyannis Pops by the Sea on Cape Cod.

She received her B. In her years post grad, she began her professional career in the commercial scene as a Knicks City Dancer, then performed repertoire with Royal Caribbean Productions for a few years while seeing the world. Anastasia is her debut in musical theater and she could not be more thrilled.

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Mark grew up performing in musical theatre starting in elementary school. After dancing 3 seasons with the ballet, Mark moved to New York to pursue musical theater. Much love to his incredible wife, his supportive family and friends, and the Texas State faculty.

Soli Deo Gloria. NYC: Smiley, Shadows. Born, raised and trained in Puerto Rico. Formal principal dancer at several companies in the Island. Love and endless thanks to my husband, chosen family, friends and LDC. Ig: omaruelom. A classically trained ballet dancer, Sareen Tchekmedyian previously danced with Sarasota Ballet, where she performed featured roles in ballets by world renowned choreographers. Sareen has always admired Broadway shows and has dreamed of using her voice on stage one day.

Broadway: Mamma Mia! I love you all! Cody burst onto the scene in and has become a global phenomenon. His latest release, Wave Twohas garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone and Billboard, and is available now. Broadway: Evita. Humbled to share the stage with this exceptional company! Much love to my family in San Francisco, Greece and England. For JPS.After working in the Romanovs Palace as a child he survived the Russian Revolution.

As an adult he became a smart, and witty con-artist. Dimitri is a sly and charming con-artist from St. Petersburg whose real interest is in the fast money and who always must have the last word. Before meeting Anya, he has encountered few people who can match his cleverness and is soon outsmarted by her quick witted nature, which often leaves him speechless.

Despite remarking that he hates women with their own minds, he soon warms to Anya. Due to struggling his entire life, Dimitri keeps his heart close to him and possesses a cynical outlook on life. However he gradually falls in love with Anya, which brings out his sensitivity and encourages him to be more tender hearted and courageous. As a young boy, Dimitri was employed at the Catherine Palace as a kitchen boy. Curious and ambitious, he is unafraid to sneak into the grand balls held by the Russian royalty and briefly witnesses the Dowager Empress Marie presenting her youngest granddaughter Anastasia with a special gift before being dragged back to the kitchens.

Dimitri manages to return in time to see Rasputin curse the imperial family. When the palace falls under siege during the revolution, Dimitri opens a hidden passage to Anastasia's room when the grand duchess returns to retrieve her music box, which allows Anastasia and her grandmother to escape the palace through the servants quarters.

When revolutionary soldiers burst into the room, he refuses to reveal where the royals have gone and is knocked unconscious.

dimitri anastasia musical nederland

When he regains consciousness, he takes Anastasia's music box, mistaking it to be jewellery box, as a memento. Ten years later, Dimitri is a twenty-years-old and notorious as a con artist in St. With Vladimir, a former courtier, he intends to find a convincing Anastasia imposter to fool the Dowager Empress into giving them a 10 million ruble reward for restoring her lost granddaughter and intends to use the music box as a prop to persuade the Empress. After several successful auditions and left penniless, the duo retreat to the Catherine Palace, where an orphan named Anya has broken in so she can find Dimitri and obtain passage to Paris, where she believes she can find her lost family.

Struck by her uncanny resemblance to the missing Grand Duchess, Dimitri and Vladimir trick Anya into believing that she may be Anastasia, adding that she will still be able to go to Paris even if it turns out they were mistaken, but do not reveal that she is meant to be part of a con to avoid giving her a share of the 10 million ruble reward.

Beginning their journey by train, Dimitri and Anya soon develop a contentious relationship. The undead monk Rasputin, realizing that Anastasia is still alive and his curse was unfulfilled, sends his minions to derail the train. Dimitri and Vladimir, horrified to realize that their forged passports will not be able to fool the Communist officials, discreetly relocate their party to the baggage car. Dimitri, thanks to Anya employing dynamite, manages to uncouple the baggage car from the rest of the train when the minions destroy the bridge and the group leaps from the train.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. InThe Romanovs — Czar Nicholas, his wife Alexandra and their five children — Olga, 22, Tatiana, 21, Maria, 19, Anastasia, 17 and year-old Alexei — were herded into a basement and executed at point-blank range.

Even the hungry peasants of Russia are like figures form a storybook. Fair enough.


Little girls in twirly tulle princess dresses and there were many of them in the audience opening night do not want to see a princess shot to death. Anya Lila Coogan is the feisty heroine in search of her true self. Complications ensue when Anya actually starts remembering her life as Anastasia, and when Gleb follows her to Paris so he can shoot her and rid Russia of the Romanovs once and for all. Russia, with its dazzling onion domes and glittering snowfall, is a wonderland.

From the St.

dimitri anastasia musical nederland

Rhyne and Holder cover Russia with sheens of icy blue and silver sleet. Snowflakes have the grace of ballerinas. The ruthless world of the Bolsheviks leeches the very color from the trees, leaving a landscape of black and white.

Costume designer Linda Cho puts the cast in dun-colored drab in Russia and flapper dresses all the colors of a flower garden when the action moves to France. The visuals are inarguably breathtaking. Know about breaking news as it happens. We follow the stories and update you as they develop. The men stole items from a reail store March 1 in the block of West Howard Avenue. Amea King, 15, was last seen in the block of South Michigan Avenue, according to a missing person alert from Chicago police.

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Lila Coogan as Anya, center and the company of "Anastasia. Spoiler alert: Anastasia finds love and happiness in the musical tale. Email required.

By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice and European users agree to the data transfer policy. The Latest. By Sun-Times Wire. Teen girl missing from Park Manor Amea King, 15, was last seen in the block of South Michigan Avenue, according to a missing person alert from Chicago police. Business burglaries reported in Little Village The first robbery happened Feb. By Cindy Hernandez.The delicate box is set on a brocaded pillow.

We pull back to see: The pillow is carried by a pair of hands. Pull back to see a butler, he carries the Music Box on uts pillow. He rushes down a grand curving staircase, past other servants to. He races out the front door, careful to balance his precious cargo on the pillow. Mansion - evening. The Butler comes out with the box on the pillow, carrying it to. An elderly woman stands regally beside the carriage door, dressed in full evening clothes.

This is the Empress Marie. The Butler bows as he presents the box. She takes it from the pillow and puts it carefully in her beaded clutch. The Butler retreats. A footman opens the carriage door, and Marie climbs inside. As soon as the door closes, the carrige takes off, preceeded by the thundering Cossack horses. Petersburg - night.

Marie : [ offscreen ] There was a time, not very long ago, when we lived in an enchanted world of elegant palaces and grand parties. Palace - night. The palace is lit up, with opulently dressed partygoers streaming inside. The palace doors swing open. Music pours out, and sounds of gaiety.

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Marie sweeps inside, dancing couples bowing as she passes. Marie : os cont'd.Dimitri is the deuteragonist of the film. In his younger years, he was a kitchen boy at the Romanov's palace. He was voiced by John Cusackwhile his singing voice was provided by Jonathan Dokuchitz. At the age of ten, Dimitri was a young servant boy who worked at the Romanov's palace in the kitchen. During the Bolsheviks' attack at the Romanov family, Dimitri bravely risked his life to save Anastasia and her paternal grandmother, the Dowager Empress Marieby sending them through the servant's quarters and out into safety.

While escaping, Anastasia dropped her music box and, when she tried to get it, Dimitri insisted that she leave while she still could. Three Bolsheviks burst the door open and demanded to know where the Princess and the Dowager Empress were, but Dimitri refused to cooperate and was thus knocked unconscious by one of the Revolutionaries.

He was later released from captivity and somehow managed to save the music box, in hopes of remembering the royal family. When Dimitri runs into Anya inside the Romanov palace, he immediately takes advantage of her great likeness, offering to lead her to Empress Marie, but keeping her unaware of the reward money. However, Dimitri soon falls in love with Anya, and realizes that she is, in fact, the real princess, and has a change of heart. In response to this, he encourages that the empress meets Anya and she reluctantly does so.

When the empress realizes that Anya is in fact her long lost granddaughter she offers up the reward money but he declines the offer knowing that it would be wrong to take the money and leaves to go back to St. In the fighting, he is temporarily knocked out.

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After Anastasia kills Rasputin, he wakes up and tells her that he didn't take the money because he loved her.

They were about to kiss but Anastasia's dog comes up with the crown in its mouth and Dimitri says to go back to her grandmama. Instead Anastasia writes a letter to her grandmama saying goodbye and left the crown and they will be in Paris soon. The two then hop on a boat and dance and the two share a kiss and sail off in the moonlight and lived happily ever after. At first, Dimitri is interested in only money, and cares little about having a place to call "home", which Anya finds shocking.

Initially, he is sarcastic, cunning, dishonest, ingenious, menacing, greedy, immature, traitorous, relentless, irresponsible and sly, with a hint of an arrogant streak, which often upset Anya. However, as the film progressed, Dimitri matured and developed into a considerate, understanding, dependable, independent, mature, imaginative, thoughtful, respectful, industrious and kind-hearted young gentleman.

His interest in receiving the Dowager Empress ' money was gradually replaced by a longing for Anya's affection and happiness. His deep romantic feelings for Anya becomes most obvious when he experiences mixed emotions about having to return Anya to her grandmother, because she's the only woman he's ever been truly in love with.

So, when he successfully persuaded the Empress Marie to speak to Anya, he departed without accepting his reward money. After the defeat of Rasputin, Anya chose to elope with Dimitri rather than attend her celebration. While departing on a boat, the two finally have their moment together as they shared a passionate kiss. Dimitri is a handsome young twenty-year-old with a slender but muscular build.

He also has brown hair, brown eyes and a cunning smile. He dresses casually but handsomely, wearing a variety of shirts, pants, shoes, and jackets, depending on the weather or occasion. For opera wear, Dimitri wears an opera tuxedo with a white bow-tie and white vest with a red rose on the right side of his jacket and sometimes wears a black top hat. He seems to be about Anastasia's height, maybe an inch or two taller. Dimitri's vocals are heard on the following songs, courtesy of Jonathan Dokuchitz.

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